Why Hire a Mattress Disposal Company?

Do you have a mattress that has outlived its use or which is too large for your space? While you may want to dispose of it as soon as possible, a DIY mattress removal might not be the best idea. It may make more sense to hire an Austin mattress disposal company. Let’s consider some of the reasons for this:

A mattress disposal company offers more convenience

If the mattress is bulky and you live in a multiple level building, maneuvering it down on your own might be a risky endeavor. You could trip on the stairs, graze yourself while turning a corner, or sprain your back from the sheer weight of the mattress.

It will be much safer for you to hire a mattress disposal company to move the mattress for you. They will send along with experienced and capable movers, who will get the mattress out of your place in an expert, fail-safe manner.

A mattress disposal company will do an on-site pickup

Even if you don’t have an issue with carrying a bulky mattress down several flights of stairs, you may face the challenge of transporting it away. What if it doesn’t fit into the backseat of your vehicle? And you most certainly cannot throw the mattress in a trash dumpster, or even leave it on the curb, since city ordinances forbid that and you could end up with a citation or a fine.

Austin’s garbage removal services only pick up mattresses on the free pickup days, so, if it isn’t that day, you will find yourself in a bind. Even if it is a free pickup day, you will have to wait outside with the mattress until they come by your neighborhood.

On the other hand, a mattress disposal company will pick up the mattress directly from your place according to your schedule. What do you think will be more convenient for you?

You only have to point them to the mattress location and they will climb up or down stairs to get it. Furthermore, they will remove it without damaging anything in your residential or commercial establishment. Keep in mind, though, that you need to be on the property when they arrive and you should also make sure that they can reach the mattress without having to wade through a great deal of obstacles. You might have to pay extra if they have to rearrange your interior to shift the mattress. Once they get it out, they will also have the right-sized truck to haul the mattress away.

A mattress disposal company will be environmentally responsible

Every year, several millions of mattresses end up in landfills in the United States. They remain there in huge piles and disintegrate with constant exposure to the elements, eventually polluting the environment with their rotting materials. As this environmental pollution can harm you and your family’s health, it is best to do your part to mitigate it. As much as possible, avoid consigning your mattresses to the landfills.

Hire an environmentally responsible Austin mattress disposal company, and have them take the mattress to a donation center or a recycling facility. Perhaps someone in need may be able to reuse the mattress, or they can remove its components and use them to make a new product. It is the best choice all around. However, if your mattress has mildew, a bug infestation, or is more or less in shreds, you won’t be able to donate or recycle it. In those cases, the mattress disposal company will find some other environmentally-friendly way to get rid of it.

As you see, there are some valid reasons for hiring an Austin mattress disposal company to get rid of your unwanted mattresses. While you will have to make an upfront payment for the mattress removal, most companies charge a reasonable and affordable amount for the work they put it. Plus, it will be well worth it to pay them than attempt things on your own. You can get rid of your mattress without inconveniencing yourself or having to take time off from work. You also don’t have to worry about causing property damage or finding a suitable way to dispose of the unwanted mattress.