What to Do After Smoke Damage has Happened?

smoke remediation

A fire is devastating enough, and so is the damage that is caused. You may think it can’t get any worse, but in truth, the fire is just the beginning. Even if the property was completely unburned, there can still be damage from the smoke. What can you do about that? Find a smoke remediation service that can help.

What damage can smoke do?

One thing to know about smoke damage is that it gets everywhere. Smoke damage can get well beyond the fire area. There can be smoke damage in areas where the smoke didn’t touch — a wildfire that was only in the vicinity can cause smoke damage, and so can a small fire that was quickly put out. Smoke damage can be toxic, it can destroy possessions, and smoke alone can cause structural damage. The number one thing to do now is to act fast and get started with smoke remediation as quickly as possible.

Don’t try to do it all by yourself

A smoke remediation company can help with a plan to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible. The company that you call will also be able to put everything safely into storage or containment so that further damage does not take place during the cleanup.

Get that smoke out of there!

As soon as possible after the fire, a smoke remediation company will recommend that you ventilate your home. Open the windows, bring in fresh, clean air, and get the smoke out of there. You can do this by positioning large fans to blow the air towards the windows, and turn off the air conditioning, if it is still on, to stop the smoke from spreading thought the house.

Clean up quickly

Because the smoke is so invasive, and its acid smell is so pervasive, acting as quickly as possible after the damage has occurred is important. The longer the smoke-damaged items are left, the worse the damage becomes. Getting on with smoke remediation as fast as possible can reduce the damages. Clean all the surfaces that you can clean, and get as closely into the small cracks and crevices as you can.

Decide whether to let go or hold on.

It may be true that a lot of the items in the home cannot be restored or salvaged. Talking to a smoke remediation company will help show what is salvageable and what is not. Some items may end up costing more to restore than they are worth. This can be heartbreaking, especially if these were treasures, so call a smoke remediation company who will work with you for the restorations. They may have the insights on how to salvage what you deemed unsalvageable.

Some items need special cleaning

Fabric, bedding, clothing, and upholstery are items that are likely to be damaged badly. Some particles can get into these kinds of items quite easily, and the smell holds on. Washing clothing in the washing machine can remove the smoke, but a special detergent might be needed. Vacuuming carpets, furniture, and curtains can do more harm by pushing the soot in deeper, so if vacuuming, be sure the nozzle just sucks the soot and smoke away, and doesn’t push it in deeper. As with everything, a smoke remediation company can advise and assist you on the proper cleanup to avoid any further damage.

What happens when you call smoke remediation services?

Its’ not easy to get all this cleaning done as quickly as it needs to be. Calling in a smoke remediation company for help will make a big difference. When you ask for an evaluation, someone will come onsite, do tests, and provide estimates of the work needed. They will also quickly stabilize the structure to avoid greater damage, and they will talk with you to see what must be secured and saved for restoration. Clean air is important, and so is your home; the smoke remediation team will be able to bring both back to you with as little sorrow as possible. Don’t hesitate to talk with someone who knows what needs to be done.

Cleaning up after a fire is upsetting and heartbreaking, and if the fire was a big one that did a lot of damage, then the best idea is to call smoke remediation services to help with the cleanup. Trained specialists have the proper equipment and know-how to clean up quickly and minimize the damage so you can get your home back to its best condition as quickly as possible.