Top Four Reasons to Opt for Reclaimed Wood Table

Want to bedeck your home with reclaimed wood table? Opt for reclaimed wood tables from the best online store and add a rustic touch to your modern space. You can place it in your kitchen, restaurant as well as your bar. Now, why there is so much popularity for reclaimed wood table? Well, there are several reasons for that. However, the most significant one is that the tables created with reclaimed woods are durable and last for a long time. The more the woods grow old; the better is the character. As a result of which people find a lot of contentment in using reclaimed wood for producing furniture. The everlasting and distinctive look with an environmental contribution as a recycled green building material makes the product really special. Reclaimed wood tables are often designed with the need of heavy-use environment and are finished to endure invariable spills and wipe downs.  Expert craftsmen create the right blend of reclaimed style and useful performance to make the furniture perfect for restaurant, office as well as home. You can also get discounts on these products, matching your rustic or refined style.

top-four-reasons-to-opt-for-reclaimed-wood-tableNow, let’s check out a few reasons to opt for reclaimed wood tables:

1.  Affordability – Often, reclaimed wood tables are affordable than people think. They are created by hands. As a result of which, you don’t have to pay top dollars for getting the furniture for your space. However, you need to choose the right online store for getting competitive pricing and quantity discounts. There is nothing to fret over! You simply have to choose your favorite by looking at the images online and get in touch with the right person to get the quotation for pricing.

2.  Exclusivity – If you want to spruce up your home in an exclusive style, reclaimed wood tables can be the best option for you. They can make a strong statement in your dining space and win the heart of your loved one in an unforgettable fashion. If you buy reclaimed wood table, you don’t have to hide your tables under linens, which could be expensive, involving long-term cost. Rather, reclaimed wood table can be a conversational piece. You may choose a design, emphasizing on the tops crafted carefully. A lot of people go for rustic style. Nevertheless, you can select sophisticated smooth top.

3.  Durability – Reclaimed woods have durability. Often quality kiln dried woods are selected by the manufacturers for making table tops, followed by industry-leading finishing. This ultimately wins the heart of clients. Major knots, holes and openings in the wood are usually filled with epoxy for making tables look amazing in spite of invariable spills and wipe downs. After that, a multiple layer conversion varnish is applied for stain resistance. The tests involve placing detergents, vinegar, lemon as well as alcohol on the finish for 24 hours to ensure it holds up on tables. At last, metal angle iron is recessed towards the bottom of the tables to make sure that they will never distort.

4.  Ready Installation – Most of the time, the reclaimed wood table is ready for installation at your space. You can get the furniture on-time and budget. You can place the tables on common restaurant base as well as for your home. Often they come in a secured package, ready for fast on-site installation. You can place last minute orders for the tables to get installed in your restaurant. Many manufacturers strive to execute orders within two to four weeks. They stock large slabs of popular reclaimed wood materials to be cut into individual tables that help you to get quick delivery. However, the build time depends to a great extent on how many orders the manufacturers are getting on a daily basis and also the complexity involved in the process of ordering. Still, if you send a message to an online manufacturer with your specific requirements, you can get reclaimed wood tables at a more definite time.

Whether you have requirements for your home, office, restaurant, bar or any other space, the furniture stands the test of time. You don’t have to worry about snags or splinters as often the edges are sanded down properly. The tables can make the perfect additions for your dining to share meals. You can also take a seat with your loved ones beside the tables for sharing stories and playing indoor games. So, why are you waiting for?  Place orders for high quality reclaimed wood tables and let the furniture remain with your family for years to come.