Things to Consider when Building a Garage for Your Home

A garage can provide a safe place for your vehicles. But it can also offer additional space for storage or your hobby work. Depending on its size and the style, it can cost significant amount of money to build a sturdy garage.

Local Building Laws

One of the main things to consider when building a garage is to be aware of the zoning and building laws in your area. Say, for those building garages in Arlington, VA, lack of proper information on local zoning laws can mean trouble for you in case of any violations. So, it is better to contact the local authorities and find out all the information you need for building a new garage on your existing property.

You can also find out about the building laws from your garage builder with enough experience in providing construction services in your town or city.

Type of Garage

You will need to decide if you want a detached or an attached garage as the new addition. If you have a smaller house on a large plot of land then you might as well opt for a detached addition as it will allow you to build a bigger garage without overwhelming the rest of the house’s structure. A detached addition also gives you more leeway in choosing the style of the garage as you are not restricted by the existing structure of the house. You can also choose the direction of the garage entrance when building it on a land with enough space for two structures – the house and a detached structure.

Go with an attached garage if you wish to sync its design with your house.

Use of Materials

Other consideration here is to decide about the materials for the garage construction. You can choose from wood or concrete to prefabricated structures for the new garage. Wood or concrete can cost more than prefabricated garages. If you are looking for a cost-effective option for a new garage addition then a prefabricated structure might be a good option for you. Prefabricated garages are also easy to install. The builder can help deliver the right components to your land and install the structure properly. You won’t even need to deal with ongoing construction on your property if you choose to go with a prefabricated garage. Prefabricated garages are available in different sizes and styles. So, you are not really restricted by a lack of options when deciding to go with a prefabricated garage.

For those looking for the same style of garage as their house, it is better to go with wood or other material.

The Builder

The builder you choose for constructing the garage is a really important decision. Ideally, select a builder with sufficient experience and expertise in constructing the type of garage you choose – be it concrete, wood, prefabricated, or any other material.

Search for garage builders in your area with good reputation in providing the kind of construction service you want from them. One way to find the right builder is to check the website of the ones you like from your initial search or recommendations from friends or family. Look at the services, expertise, and client testimonials on their websites.

Contact one or more builders that you think can provide you the kind of construction service you want. Discuss your requirements with them. Remember to ask about the costs and the exact time of delivery or completion of the construction. Professional builders will be more than happy and willing to answer all the queries of their prospective clients.

Other Considerations

Before you finalize the construction of a new garage addition on your property, carefully weigh all your options. Assess your reason for the new garage construction and the budget for it. If it is primarily for safely parking your vehicles and secondary for additional storage or hobby work then it may considerably affect the size and the cost of the garage.

If you simply want extra storage space on your property, you can choose to go with smaller structures or even take a few liberties with its design.