The Cleaning Process of Commercial Kitchen Hoods

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Do you have a commercial kitchen hood? It needs regular cleaning, and the process can be difficult to understand if you don’t know much about it. Let’s dive into a breakdown of why kitchen hood cleaning is so crucial, and the three main steps to the cleaning process when you seek out commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me.

Why Commercial Kitchen Hoods Need Cleaning

Commercial kitchen hoods need regular cleaning, but what for? There are a lot of reasons, but two of the main reasons to seek “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” are hygiene and safety. Without regular cleaning for your kitchen hood, the grime will continue to build, which is extremely unhygienic and makes for a dirty kitchen. More importantly, if kitchen hoods are not cleaned often, they pose serious fire hazards and endanger the lives of your employees and customers—That’s why kitchen hoods are one of the leading causes of preventable fires.

Grease Receptacles Come First

The first part of “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” comes with removing and cleaning the grease receptacles, which requires some disassembly, safely getting rid of the grease, soaking in hot water and special detergent, as well as additionally scrubbing it as proves necessary. This process can take quite a while, especially if you don’t have the right tools, detergents, or parts knowledge that make the job run smoothly.

Many professional “commercial kitchen hood cleaning services near me” are equipped with the best grease-eroding detergents; they know exactly what to take apart, and they have the experience to get the washing done as efficiently as possible. Commercial kitchen hood cleaning services should always be aware of the proper way to store and remove grease waste because improper disposal can mean significant damage to your drains and possible threats to nearby ecosystems.

Hood Filters Are Cleaned

Once the first step of “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” is complete, the hood filters will need to be cleaned. In commercial kitchens, the hood filters should be taken down before cleaning begins because they can’t really be accessed enough otherwise. Just like with the grease receptacles, the hood filters need to be soaked in some hot water and detergent to remove all of that caked-on dirt and grease. This might take the whole day, and it doesn’t stop there.

After the hood filters have soaked enough, they need to be scrubbed carefully to remove the remaining spots of residue and grime. The hood filters can’t be put back into the commercial kitchen hood until they are one hundred percent dry, or they won’t do their job as well, so be sure to wait enough time before replacing them in the hood. Since filters are such a huge part in the function of the hood, a lot of people feel better hiring professionals for their “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” because it ensures that not a bit of dirt will be missed or a single screw misplaced.

The Hood Surface is Cleaned

It’s important to be careful with the hood surface during “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me” because any scratches or stains will be plainly visible in the kitchen. Commercial kitchen hoods require anti-grease chemicals for the hood surface, which should be sprayed throughout the hood to make sure that all of the grease breaks down. Once the hood surface has been adequately sprayed, the chemical cleaner can be wiped off with sponges or clothes, and this should hopefully do most of the job.

However, sometimes grease and grime are persistent. The hood surface may need additional scrubbing with sponges or scrapers during “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me,” which can take more time, depending on how much is left to clean. After that’s done, the hood surface needs to be totally rinsed and wiped down, ensuring that absolutely no chemical cleaners are left over–you really don’t want that floating around near your food.

Professional Help

When it comes to “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me,” most wise people opt for professional help. Kitchen hoods need a lot of tools and experience to be cleaned effectively, safely, and efficiently, and it’s also not much fun to take the task on for yourself. Professional kitchen hood cleaning services can provide you with safe disposal, complete grease removal, and won’t risk damaging or misplacing the parts for your hood. If you want the responsible and secure option for kitchen hood cleaning, then you want a professional service doing the job.

Overall, commercial kitchen hood cleaning is an essential component of regular kitchen maintenance and cannot be overlooked. When you find “commercial kitchen hood cleaning near me,” they will help to ensure the job is done effectively and safely, and it should be the responsible choice of any kitchen owner.