Small House Plans: The Different Types and What to Keep in Mind

Apartments are all the rage for so many. Living in the city, being immersed in urban culture and working high-rises would seem like heaven to those who do.

But, there are so many of us who would love to live in a cozy little home, away from the city. Take note, ‘away from the city’ does not refer to living out in the sticks or in the middle of nowhere- though it is a possibility. It could mean that some people prefer to live in the outskirts of a city or in big urban town, taking advantage of both a slightly countrified setting and urban conveniences.

For those few, their perfect could be a small house, built according to pre-drawn small house plans. For those just beginning to make their way into a settled life, their small perfect home may be just a few months away from being realized.

Small House Plans The Different Types and What to Keep in Mind

Small house plans are of many different varieties. They can be of the usual A-Frame style or be the slightly more unusual chalet bungalow style. They generally are single-storied or double, with a functional desing.

Here is a little list of simple small house plans, with a couple unique ones thrown in:

The A-Frame: this is probably one of the most popular types of house plans selling in the market. It is called so because of its characteristic sloping roof, seeming to form the letter ‘A.’ The roof could either begin at the foundation and then meet at the top, or it could simply be a small part of the roof sloping to meet half-way down or so. The length can be decided upon by you.

Colonial Style: This could include the French colonial style, Spanish or even German. They were brought to America back when it was colonized and the small house plan reflects its European ancestry. Often accompanied by slated roofs and porches, this can be easily applied in small house plans for a quaint look.

Original Bungalow Style: Though the word ‘bungalow’ is now associated with mansion-style house plans, these were originally small, often single-storied houses in India. Typically, bungalow house plans are large cottages with sloping roofs and dormer windows. In the US, you can find house plans for a California bungalow, a craftsman one or even a Chicago bungalow, among others.

Minka: For those whose tastes run towards Asian, the Minka is just perfect. It is Japanese in origin and was once made using any and all available materials. These houses are now considered to be heritage houses in Japan. They have the usual sliding doors and the tatami mats. If you are looking for a small house plan, this would be great.

Looking for small house plans can be quite taxing. But, since it’s an investment that is meant to last you a life time and beyond, put in the necessary time to find a really good one. Make sure that the house plan that you pick and your piece of land fit each other. Some small house plans are created for completely flat and even ground. Your plot may not be so, and your house plan may need the necessary changes to be made.

Oftentimes, along with the old fashioned 2D plans, you can even see 3D versions of your small house plans. These allow you to view a computer simulated version of your plan from the inside out.