Restore Your Home and Your Life After A Fire

fire damage restoration service

Fire can be fascinating, or even romantic, when you are snuggled around a bon fire or beside a fireplace with a glass of wine. However, when a fire gets out of control, it can destroy everything in its path and go from romantic to scary in a matter of seconds. When a house catches fire, it can destroy your home and your life. A fire damage restoration service can help prepare for occupancy after the fire.

Ensure property stability

When the firehoses are rolled up, the fire trucks have left, in some cases, a home is still salvageable. You can restore your home and your life after a fire with a fire damage restoration service. Depending on the severity of the fire and the damage, there are some basic steps that a fire damage restoration service will complete. The first step is an assessment to ensure that the house is stable and that it can be entered. This is often originally completed with the fire investigation unit or with other fire units, but then it should be reassessed with a restoration service to ensure that safety is the number one concern.

Determining what can be salvaged

Working with a fire damage restoration service as a team will help determine what can be cleaned and salvaged and what items are not able to be saved. This is not something that can always be determined at first glance, and a fire restoration service will have years of experience to give guidance. This can be a hard task as there are items that have sentimental value, but which may be damaged beyond repair. Some fabrics can be cleaned and shampooed, but other fabrics will absorb smoke, and no matter how often they are cleaned, they will not be recovered.

Removal of soot and Debris

After it has been cleared to enter the building, often there is debris and soot (material that was not completely burned) that needs to be removed. A fire damage restoration service can help provide equipment that is needed, such as large garbage bins and industrial vacuums. Removing the debris will help with getting organized and will ensure better health while inside the home.

Removal of large items and appliances

Large furniture and appliance need to be removed. Although there may not be power to the home, some appliances may still hold power, and there is a risk of a shock hazard. A fire damage restoration service can safely remove all damaged appliances to prevent any further injury or death. The service can also help with removing large furniture items and with disposing of them safely. Furniture that is not destroyed and can be restored may have to be removed for cleaning and restoration while the home is being cleaned.

Clear smoke and water damage

Fire damage restoration services can help with smoke and water damage from putting the fire out. Water and smoke can damage a home as much as the actual fire. Water can cause mildew and mold, which can be hazardous to a person’s health. Items that are smoke damaged need to be cleaned properly to avoid any further air borne health risks. Many surface types will absorb the smoke and, even when wiped down, that smoke can stain and leave a smoky odor. Salvageable items should be professionally restored to ensure that they are free of smoke and any water damage.

Smoke may also linger in the home for a period of time. An industrial air scrubber or air mover may be required to help clean the air in the home. Water damage should be cleaned professionally. With the amount of water that is used, there could be a lot of damage that is hard to clean. A fire damage restoration service can provide industrial fans and dehumidifiers to dry the home and prevent mold from growing.

Deep cleaning and deodorization

When all the household items have been removed and either sent for cleaning or disposed of, and when the water and the smoke have been cleared, a fire damage restoration service can begin deep cleaning the home. The carpets and flooring may have to be removed or cleaned properly. A deep cleaning will help ensure that there are no toxin hazards, and this will help with stain removal as needed. A deodorization process can also be used to clean the smell of the smoke, cleaning chemicals, and mold from the home. When moving back into the home, having the air purified and deodorized may help with health concerns and personal comfort.