Reclaimed Wood Flooring – What makes it So Special?

Reclaimed wood is wood that is up-cycled or reused. It is sourced from old barns, factories, warehouses, farms, buildings, railroad trestles, railcar decking, dockyards, retired ships, fencing, pickling vats, barrels, and many other places. In essence, good quality wood is reclaimed and reused for other purposes.

Many characteristics make reclaimed wood flooring special.


Reclaimed wood comes with its own history. By opting for reclaimed wood flooring, you help to preserve a part of its story. Imagine the wood in your flooring was reclaimed from an old school or dockyard. Now, imagine the stories attached to that wood! Perhaps the wood was part of a historical building. Fancy finding wood reclaimed from such a source to use for the flooring in your house.

For those who are passionate about preserving history are likely to find reclaimed wood very special. If you are someone who likes to bring unique things to your house; reclaimed wood is simply perfect. The fact that there is a story attached to the wooden flooring in your home brings a certain charm to it.

In order to find good reclaimed wood for flooring rich with history, it is important to contact a good source for it. Use online searches with keywords such as reclaimed wood flooring Phoenix (if this is your city) to find companies in this line of business. You can check their websites for more information about their business and then contact them with your inquiry.

Unique Beauty

Reclaimed wood is unique. You will not find any two pieces that are identical. Years of use also lends reclaimed wood a unique character.

Modern timber is more uniform in nature. You can even out the inconsistencies of reclaimed wood to an extent by using certain finishes. But is the tonal variation of reclaimed wood that makes it so special. People especially opt for it to use as wood flooring with a difference.

You can make a distinct style statement by using reclaimed wood in your home’s décor. Reclaimed wood flooring will be markedly different than modern Phoenix hardwood floor in terms of the look, style, and depth.


Reclaimed wood flooring will be more durable than any modern hardwood finish. Aged wood is stronger than new wood as it is fully dried. New wood may split during the expansion and contraction process. But there is no such risk with reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood may also be perfect for kitchen and wet areas such as bathrooms if you find the material with closed pores. A good flooring company may be able to source it for you. Really old reclaimed wood has closed pores. So, you can easily use it throughout your house.

Reclaimed wood is extremely strong and hence lasts long. Old wood is more stable as it has been exposed to humidity for longer periods of time. So, it is extremely beneficial to use as flooring. It can sustain wear and tear of high traffic areas at home easily.

Low Maintenance

There is no special care required for reclaimed wood flooring.  You can clean it as you would clean any hardwood floor using standard mops and vacuuming. You need not use any special wax every other week to keep the wood looking good.


The use of reclaimed wood flooring is the kinder thing to do for the environment. Increasing the use of reclaimed wood will automatically reduce the demand for virgin woods. Such action will positively impact the entire ecosystem. The forests will be lush with trees. The air will be cleaner. The woodland animals and bird population will thrive.

The felling, transit, and the processing of virgin woods require systems, which may be harmful to the environment. By using reclaimed wood, you help reduce such negative impact.

You can save the wood from going to the landfills by opting for reclaimed varieties. Landfills are badly clogged due to so many other materials that are thrown away each year. Wood can be easily repurposed. So, its use in at home is a great choice.

Another environment-friendly benefit – due to the distinct cellular structure of reclaimed wood, it can trap air effectively. Such insulating capabilities of reclaimed wood will help you reduce your energy bills.