Professional Versus DIY Bed Beg Removal: Which is Best?

bed bug removal

Property maintenance can be a full-time job—really expensive—so it’s natural to want to try to ease the pain in your wallet by doing some of the work yourself with DIY techniques. After all, we have the internet now. A YouTube video can show you how to do almost anything these days! And taking into account the idea of having to evacuate the space for a professional bed bug removal treatment? It’s definitely worth looking at few DIY ideas first.

How do professional techniques differ from DIY processes, and which are really more effective?

Professional Options

Chemical options and site cleaning: while everyone has the image of big tarps covering buildings that are being gas-bombed for fumigation, that’s not really the usual treatment method. Professional deep cleaning services can help vacuum out and sanitize infected areas. The methods your bed bug removal specialist recommends will depend on your situation and location.

Results: A customized bed bug removal treatment to fit your situation, and that is backed up by workmanship guarantees success.

Heat Treatments: As stated above, professional bed bug removal is not just about tarping up your building and bombarding it with chemicals. Modern methods are not so invasive or filled with chemicals. Professional heat treatments can be used in any space and do not require any tenting or moving out of the space. Thermal blankets are used to insulate and protect valuables in your space and treatments are usually completed in under 8 hours.

Results: High heat dehydrates and eliminates the bed bug infestations effectively, once again backed by workmanship guarantees. Your specialists will answer any of your questions about the bed bug removal, and you’ll be able to occupy the space immediately after treatment due to the non-toxic and chemical-free method.

DIY Options

Freezing: Bed bugs don’t like the cold and the at-home freezer method involves putting infested items, such as pillows and clothing, into the freezer. As for bed bug removal? This method works great—as long as your freezer is set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Items in your freezer should be left there for 4 days at least to ensure as many of the bugs die as possible.

Results: freezing out bed bugs has been shown to be effective, but it is not considered one hundred percent effective. It’s also inaccurate and limits your action by your freezer size and ability to identify all of the infected items, and it underestimates a bed bug’s ability to run and hide elsewhere, but it is an effective localized method for small-scale bed bug removal.

Baking Soda or Talcum Powder: Another home remedy for bed bug removal involves sprinkling these powders around infected areas. They are said to absorb the damp or waxy coverings of the bed bugs and cause them to dehydrate and die.

Results: There has been no scientific study done that confirms that either of these powders are effective means of bed bug removal. While there have been anecdotal incidents of success using these powders, it’s definitely not a reliable method.

Moth Balls: Some people will swear by this old DIY remedy for bed bugs and other critters. Place handfuls of moth balls around suspected bed bug infested furniture and that the unpleasant smell will repel bugs naturally.

Results: Though moth balls have been scientifically studied, they will fail to remove the infestation over 7 days. However, you will probably see some success in reducing the bed bug numbers; it’s likely about half of the adult bed bugs will die during this bed bug removal treatment.

Which One Should I Choose?

As with so many things in life, you get what you pay for. Bed bug removal is no exception to that rule. A professional treatment is highly likely to succeed in removing infestations from your home or business. While localized DIY treatments might show limited success and be less invasive, you’re most likely just doing some damage control and slowing down the spread rather than eliminating it. Professional treatments, such as heat treatments, are going to show a much higher rate of success and let you and your family get your home back to normal quickly.

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