Nursery Design Tips – Ten Ways to Create a Practical Baby Room Design

nursery designer

There are some “Not so Obvious Things” we, as a parent need to consider before designing the nursery. Here are some nursery designer tips for organizing and designing your cute one’s room:

Keep space for lots and lots of storage

These tiny little buns possess small cute things but the problem is the count of those things reaches too few hundred and you need to manage space to store all of them. Closets are the solution. Select the closet with lots of shelves designed especially for babies.

Better use different spaces for all categories of things to avoid confusion and last-minute treasure hunt.

Keep it Dark

Make sure your baby’s nursery can fake the dark night whenever required. Use heavy curtains, window shades. Babies are very smart, they already know the day is for fun, and night time is to sleep. So, if you want them to have peaceful naps, you need to create darkness in the Nursery. You also use a canopy around their crib.

Select a theme

Theme based nurseries are very important to develop the interest of your baby into something from a very early age. For example, you can put a world map over the crib and some travel destinations at the walls of the nursery. This way you can develop your babies’ interest in traveling. Similarly, some parents use the football theme, cricket theme, chess theme, etc.

Select crib according to the nursery size

The crib is the most important part of the nursery but it is necessary to select the crib according to the size of the room. You can get cribs of varying sizes easily; you just have to choose wisely. The same goes for other furniture also. Try to get sizes that suit the nursery. It should not look over occupied and the baby must have enough floor space also.

Keep a special corner for books

Babies are smart enough to mimic their parents. If you read, they will also read. Keep the books where your baby can reach easily as soon as they learn to grab and crawl. This will help to develop a habit of reading in them. Remember good habits take time, so start at a very early age.

Give special attention to the ceiling

Babies spend most of their time lying on their backs scanning ceiling, fan, and electric points from their little eyes. Design a nursery ceiling with some interesting patterns and colors to make that long staring time fun-filled.
Make grey your buddy

Yes, White looks more attractive but it can get stained easily. After some time you will find patches and many dirty stains on white. The solution is to select grey. Grey can hide dirt and stains and a single wash can easily make it the same as before.

Although the baby nursery is usually colorful but still select grey instead of white wherever possible.

No to the crib set

Crib set includes pillows, sheets, blankets, bumpers, etc. you need to avoid using it as they can be suffocating agents for your baby. Use just a waterproof mate and sheet for your baby crib. It will still look super cute as your cutie pie will stay in it. Also, don’t put any soft toy inside the crib.

No stereotyping

Pink for Girls and Blue of Boys!! NO. Just avoid this kind of gender stereotyping. Paint your nursery with lively colors of your choice. No need to five fairies look to the baby girl’s room and football theme to the boy’s room. Babies are just interested in ceiling fans and milk. The walls are for you. Do them as per your choice.

Keep diapers handy

Diapers are the primary need. Baby has the talent to pee every 15-20 minutes and the same goes for poop. So better to keep the diapers at an easily reachable site. A changing table will help you a lot in this process. So, gear up and get ready for endless diaper changes.


Designing the nursery most practically is something that is tricky. You have to think of every need of your little bun. Make sure to keep the above points in mind and design your baby nursery. Taking the guidance of a nursery designer makes this task easier.