Kieninger Floor Clocks – Enhance Your Home!

A solid wood structure, the musical chimes, and the teller of time – floor clocks can enhance any décor with their unmatched elegance. Kieninger floor clocks take it a step further with designs that can start or stop conversations; and stand tall with any decorative accent sharing the same space.

Consider these tips to enhance your home with Kieninger floor clocks.

Use them as centerpieces.

Kieninger floor clocks can command attention with their compelling designs. If you prefer ‘less is more’ in your decorative philosophy then use of a Kieninger floor clock can act as the focal point of your living room or the dining area. You can place other essential items around it without needing to use special accent pieces just to enhance a room. For example, choose a black Kieninger floor clock in your living room adorned in ivory or white. The same clock can work well with bright color schemes as well such as red, purple, or blue.

If you use it in the dining area, place it in any alcove near the table or by the entrance of the room. For luxury settings, use a Kieninger floor clock in silver or gold to perfectly fit with the décor but in a way to still command attention. Such clock designs are ideal for dining rooms dressed in Victorian décor or a room with heavy use of velvet. Kieninger floor clocks in gold or silver are also perfect for luxury living rooms with plush white sofas and velvet curtains.

Use natural finishes for a muted effect.

The design elements need not be loud to make an impact. Choose a Kieninger floor clock in walnut finish and antique design to make a subtle yet powerful decorative statement in any room. The beauty of the clock along with a moon dial and delicate edges can add to the décor of any room. Such clocks are perfect for entryways, the living room, and even the office. You can choose brass or aluminum accents in the Kieninger floor clocks with walnut finishes.

Use a design without carvings on the edges – simple and bare minimum details but still impactful. These designs are also ideal to fill empty corners in living rooms or entryways where nothing seems to fit. Placement of a Kieninger floor clock is all you need to make any corner come alive without any efforts.

Use distinct floor clock designs to augment a space.

When you think of floor clocks, you might imagine a straight and elegant pillar with standard thickness and mechanisms. Why not sway a little from the standard and choose a curved front encased in glass and black finish? You can choose slim Kieninger floor clocks with curved glass on top or both ends. Then there are clocks with slim rectangular designs in a dark walnut finish with brightness of chrome reflecting from the behind the glass.

Use them to create unique design corners.

It helps to place extraordinary floor clocks in places where you don’t really expect to find them. For a truly unique living room, place a Kieninger floor clock where you would normally use a large lamp but ensure that it is a little away from the sofas. Otherwise the clock can look imposing and disturb the searing area.

To further enhance this look, place the floor clock further in the living room corner and use a plush rug in front of it. Now, place a medium-sized mirror by the side with wooden carvings and drape pearl strings over it. Such a look is perfect for large living rooms with luxurious design elements. The idea is to decorate the space adjacent to the clock to create distinct pockets of design surprises. You can try similar ideas in the lobby of creative studios or the entryway of your home.

One distinct way to use floor or grandfather clocks in any room is to use them first and decorate the rest of the space later. Often, floor clocks are used as an afterthought – to fill spaces or to balance the rooms. Why not use a Kieninger floor clock in a room and then fill the space as needed?