How to Install Metal Roof Purlins

Metal purlins are structures used in roofs. Purlins are installed horizontally along a roof’s length. These solid structures help support the panels in a roof. You can use any shape of purlin for your metal roofing project – be it C or Z-shaped ones. It is a matter of preference.

Both types of purlins are easier to install and may require no side trimmings. C-shaped purlins are popular to use on concrete or steel structures due to the availability of a plain surface on one side. Z-shaped purlins are popular for various roof designs and for industrial use. If you are installing purlins on shorter roof lengths, C-shaped designs are a convenient option. For instance, you can use C-shaped for your garage or tool shed roofing for best results. You can buy galvanized C-shaped purlins that are made from steel coated in zinc as they are durable and also lightweight.

Here are the basic steps that you need to take to install metal roof purlins

• Measure the roof length to determine the number of purlins you need for the job. Remember to measure roof height and width as purlins are installed horizontally to the length. Include 2 inches from the roof during measurement for the overhang.

Once you know the number of purlins you require, you can order them from a metal supply company. Also, buy the nails and clips depending on the number and size of the purlins. The nuts and bolts you use must be of the quality as specified by the construction standards of your state’s law.

If you are confused about the product, you can give the measurements to your supplier to find the best purlins for your construction requirement. Exact specifications of purlins will depend on your roof measurements. If purlins are not secured properly, your roofing structure can become a safety hazard. So, use only the best quality of purlins, nails, bolts, and installation tools.

• You can start placing purlin structures one by one starting from either end. Fasten or clip each purlin to a vertical rafter. Keep installing each purlin until you reach the other end. Ensure you insert additional nails into the rafter also. Cover the entire roof with purlins by going line by line.

The number of lines will depend on the size of the purlins and the width of the roof. You can tackle one line each day or as per your convenience. Installing purlins is a tiring job. So, take adequate rest between each row to retain the quality of the work. If you are doing the job unassisted, take the purlins for one row all at the same time up the roof. You can place them on the side by the rafters.

• You need to ensure that the purlin framework is properly aligned with the rafters. Double check that each purlin is leveled and bolted well. Check for bolt protrusions and push them back into place.

Some tips for best and cost-effective purlin installation –

• If you wish to further cut the costs of your DIY purlin installation, buy them from a supplier with on-site metalwork facilities. It can help as on-site work can reduce the manufacturers’ intermediate costs and they can pass the cost benefits to their customers.

• Before you begin the installation work, check if you have all the tools that you need. You don’t want to start the work only to realize you don’t have the purlin clips or the requisite number of bolts.

• Attempt to install the purlins only if you are confident about the job. It involves working at a height and a slight error can be dangerous. The installation job itself may not be too difficult for those with some experience of DIY construction jobs. But caution is essential. To level the costs, you can try installing the purlins by yourself. But work with an expert to help you measure the roof for purlins and help you buy the right products and tools.

DIY purlin jobs can be fun and economical. But roofing and structural construction work can be dangerous and tiring. Make sure you install purlins only if you are sure of doing it safely. Many metal suppliers provide on-site help with installation work to their customers at economical rates. You can utilize these services for best construction jobs at your home.