Ideas for Having Unique Bathroom Vanities

Do you like to bedeck your bathroom in a unique style? Opt for unique bathroom vanities and revamp your space in a remarkable way. They add a personal touch to your bathroom. Now, if you are wondering how to bring a special elegance to your bathroom, you can check out a few ideas in this regard:

Choosing backsplashes

Many bathroom vanities are available with backsplashes and countertops. It would be good to purchase them with your bath vanities as they offer more customization and you can install them locally. Backsplashes reduce damage to the walls behind your sink and give you an opportunity to look at slabs before selecting the right one. Whenever you are selecting a backsplash, perceive its artwork. You may select materials ranging from metallic tiles, frosted glass tiles and river-rock tiles of various shapes and sizes.  Usually the standard height of a backsplash is 3-4 inches. However, you can easily opt for a higher backsplash for adding elegance to your space. Wall mounted fixtures with extra high backsplash are also a good choice for your bathroom. Furthermore, you can continue the backsplash for your entire bathroom wall to get a striking effect as a focal point.

Installing Mirrors

Mirrors are highly functional in a master bathroom. They are available in varied shapes and sizes. You can install an unusual mirror to add a unique style to your bathroom. Curved mirrors offer feminine tones while the straight ones bestow a masculine touch. Moreover, mirrors have a lot of utility in your bathroom. They often include medicine cabinets offering additional storage space and quick access. However, don’t think that medical cabinets have to be bulky. You can choose various styles and colors of medical cabinets available in the market for offering a modern look. Nevertheless, while making the purchase you should consider the size of the mirror. If you want to check out your outfit in the mirror, opt for a large mirror. On the other hand, if you only want to style your hair and brush your teeth, go for a small mirror. A magnifying mirror can also be used for shaving, applying makeup and doing other activities.

Ideas for Having Unique Bathroom Vanities

Selecting Cabinets

If you want to decorate your bathroom in a unique way, it is important to select the right cabinet. You can choose sliding or swinging doors with the right amount of shelves. However, what is most significant is how you make the plan for storing your essentials. In case you want extra space, triple door cabinets can best suit your requirement.  Besides, if you want  to get quick access to your necessary items, you may install a cabinet with open space beneath the main compartment. This helps in separating things from the main cabinet and accessing your bathroom essentials. Now, you should not forget to decide at this stage about how your cabinet will look like. You can buy wide as well as skinny frames,  depending on the amount of your mirror space in your bathroom. Remember that wide frames are traditional and have durability. Smaller frames appear lighter in weight and help to open up the room. Furthermore, shape is a big concern while selecting cabinets. Round shaped cabinets add a feminine touch to your bathroom, while the traditional decorative ones liven up your space, enhancing its poise. Another unique way is installing cabinets with built-in lighting, which is easy to set-up and provides you the opportunity of changing shades in the future.

Adding Lights

Successful lighting plans are also vital for your bathroom. Mirrors reflect your looks, but bad lighting can absolutely change your image. You can choose from different types of lights, including ambient, accent and task. A well-designed bathroom layers three different kinds of lights at the same time. If you have mounted fixtures on your ceiling, ambient lighting could be the right option for your décor. The widespread light beam fills your space in a distinct style and you don’t end up stubbing your toes. Task lighting is more direct which helps you to shave, apply makeup and clean your face easily. It is the lighting in the tub, shower and near your mirror. The ideal way of installing task light for the mirror is near your eye level at about 66″ above the floor. This helps to light your face evenly. Accent lighting displays a focal point in your bathroom by illuminating it. Try to accent your fixtures in a slanting way in order that they can  be pointed towards a piece of art or tile work.

Implement these ideas and decorate your bathroom in an elegant way. Choose unique bathroom vanities online and spruce up your space with exclusive grace and finesse.