Hubbardton Forge Chandeliers for Beautiful Interiors

Interior design is all about how well you plan and organize things within to create a visual atmosphere that pleases everyone. Taking lighting into consideration, lighting fixtures can also be beautiful interior design elements. But, this is only possible when these lighting fixtures have an aesthetic appeal of their own and blend with their surroundings. Manufacturers play a key role in the manufacture of these things as one could make it either only functional or one could make it both functional and beautiful. Hubbardton Forge belongs to the second category where design is given a lot of priority along with the quality and durability of the fixtures made.

Chandeliers are those extravagant lighting fixtures that every home needs, to pull the place together, to be the center of attraction in the house and a beautiful art piece that defines the home altogether. Chandeliers are a specialty of Hubbardton Forge and in this article, we will talk about few of the best Hubbardton Forge chandeliers.

About Hubbardton Forge

Before we know more about the chandeliers the company manufactures, we ought to know the values that bind Hubbardton Forge and the approach towards manufacturing it follows till date. Hubbardton is one of the oldest and largest commercial forges in the nation. The company has a high level of appreciation for handcrafted articles and thus, none of the products manufactured by the company are machine made. Each article is refined and readied by a number of talented artists and each article is designed meticulously in prior to include beauty, functionality and quality, all in one.

Best Hubbardton Forge Chandeliers

1. Flora 7 Arm Chandelier

This is a beautiful 7 armed art piece manufactured by Hubbardton Forge Chandeliers which comes with lifetime limited warranty when installed in residential setting. The indoor lamp comes with glass options and handcrafted by skilled artisans of Vermont. There is a tender tendril wrapped around the 7 arms which have a bronze finish over them. The glass used for lamps is opal glass, enclosing 7 halogen bulbs within.

2. Double Cirque Large Scale Chandelier

This large scale chandelier has 12 independent petals of hand forged steel intersecting with the opposite petals to form a large circular chandelier that can be adapted to both flat ceilings and slope ceilings. The chandeliers come with a dark smoke finish and include 12 bulbs, one for each intersection metal petals. This stunning chandelier has a diameter of four feet and speaks highly of the craftsmanship at Hubbardton Forge chandeliers.

3. Constellation 8 Arm Chandelier

Constellation is one of those chandeliers that pull the entire room together from all the 8 directions, with its 8 flat arms stretching around from the center which is hung using a long chain. The steel arms have a dark smoke finish and the glasses used to cover the 8 bulbs can be either clear glass or opal glass.

4. Beacon Hall Chandelier

This bold chandelier comes with shade options which can be retained or removed. Made from hand forged stubborn steel, the design is very primal yet very bold and eye grabbing. Handcrafted by the artists of Hubbardton Forge chandeliers, the chandelier can house 4 bulb options and is slope ceiling adaptable. Incandescent bulbs are available for the 4 bulb sockets provided and a lifetime limited warranty is given during installation.

5. Mobius Chandelier

This modern and minimalistic chandelier is made of six curved steel petals which lead to the six light fixtures attached to the chandelier ( Resembling the shape of flower lily, this beautiful Hubbardton Forge chandelier is a must in a modern home. All the design elements are personally handcrafted by the artists of Hubbardton Forge and this particular fixture is given a dark smoke finish.

6. Berceau 7 Arm Chandelier

This elegant large scale Hubbardton Forge chandelier is made of 7 hand forged steel ribbons that come down elegantly from the center that’s hung using 3-inch chain. The chandelier has 7 bulb sockets and incandescent bulbs can be used for good lighting and ambience. The bulbs are enclosed by stone glass shades and the steel ribbons have a dark smoke finish.