How to Improve the Cooling with Proper Installation of Air Conditioner

After a busy workday, all you want to do is reach home and find some rest and peace. Having an air conditioning system ensures a comfortable environment for leisure and rest. Hence, an efficient air-cooling system is a necessity for many people, especially during the summer months.

With inflation and energy usage increasing each day, most homeowners spend a huge chunk of their money on electricity bills. A significant contributor to such energy usage is the air conditioning system in your house.

Hence, it is essential to ensure that the system is properly installed and provides the optimum colling in your home. This will not only add to your comfort but can also prove to be an energy saver.

Let us discuss a few ways to properly install your air conditioner to improve the cooling in your home.

1. Clean area around the outer units

For an Air conditioning system to work at maximum capacity, it is essential that the units are clean, inside and out. Dust and debris in the outer condensing unit can cause issues with the cooling system. This can also result in higher energy bills due to inefficiency.

The outer unit should be installed at a place away from the trees and bushes. This will prevent dry leaves from entering the AC unit.

The area around the AC units should also be clean and dust-free. Maintaining cleanliness around the condensing unit will prevent any dust from entering the system and deterring its performance.

2. Keep the thermostat away from heat.

The location of your thermostat is equally crucial to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioning system. If the thermostat is installed in a spot near the window, it may not be able to assess the temperature of the room correctly.

A higher temperature will make your unit cool the room more than the actual requirement. This will add significantly to your expenses in energy bills and maintenance costs. Also, the thermostat should be installed away from heat-producing appliances.

3. The condenser should be in a shaded place.

The condenser of your air conditioner needs to be installed outside, which means that it has to endure the brutal weather at all times. The hot summer months can be unforgiving, and the extreme heat can hinder the performance of your cooling system.

The condenser of your air conditioning unit can heat up, which can cause undue strain on the machine. In such a case, the unit will require more time and energy to cool your home. Also, the resulting wear and tear can lead to maintenance expenses.

To avoid these issues, it is advisable to install the condenser in a shaded area.

4. The indoor unit

The indoor unit of your air conditioner is responsible for circulating the fresh and cold air in your home. Hence installing it in the right place is quintessential.

The indoor unit should be installed in a clean area so that dirt and debris do not get inside the system. Dirt and debris in the unit can cause a blockage in the airflow and cause strain on the air conditioner.

For ensuring optimum cooling, the indoor unit should be allowed few feet of uninterrupted airflow. It is also essential to clean the air filters at regular intervals to maintain a consistent airflow. You can contact air conditioner repairs Jacksonville FL to for such maintenance and repair services.

5. Fans can aid the cooling.

Using a fan in conjunction with the air conditioning system can help in faster cooling. The fan can increase the airflow of your room and help in keeping the hot air out.

This will reduce the cooling requirement for your air conditioner and keep the electricity bill in check. If the areas in your house do not have a fan, it can be beneficial to install them while installing an air conditioning system.

Proper maintenance of the system is essential for the optimum working of an air conditioning system. These are some of the tips that can help during the installation of an air conditioning system.

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