How Do You Remediate Smoke Smell?

smoke smell remediation

The devastating effects of structural or forest fires can go far beyond the areas affected by the flames. Smoke can cause damage in structures in vast areas surrounding fires. After a large blaze has been safely extinguished, the extensive work of smoke smell remediation in hundreds or even thousands of buildings must begin.

Smoke Particles

Smoke particles are so small that they can infiltrate entire buildings in a short period of time. Once a building becomes filled with the thick, toxic smoke of a structural fire or a forest fire, it becomes embedded in all of the many porous materials found inside every structure. Smoke smell remediation must include walls, carpets, furniture and HVAC systems in order to remove all traces of smoke particles. Anywhere that air can reach, smoke can become embedded. If all smoke particles are not removed, the smell of smoke will continue to be detectable.

Health Risks

Not only do smoke particles infiltrate porous materials within buildings, but they can also become embedded in human lungs, noses and eyes. The negative health effects that come from being in an environment heavy with smoke particles include burning eyes, runny nose, and heart and lung complications. Smoke smell remediation does not just remove the smell of smoke, but in doing so also removes the harmful smoke particles that pose serious health risks.

Steps to Smoke Smell Remediation

When a professional smoke smell remediation company is brought in, they will follow a few comprehensive steps in order to ensure that all smoke particles are removed from the structure. These steps include:

1) Inspection and Assessment

The smoke smell remediation company will thoroughly inspect and assess the property to find out the extent of the smoke damage. They may utilize air quality monitoring devices and/or HVAC camera technology. Most experienced smoke smell remediation companies will also do a thorough visual inspection of the affected structure.

2) Comprehensive Plan

After assessment, a thorough plan is put in place to ensure that all smoke particles are removed from the structure. Experienced smoke smell remediation companies know the order in which areas within the structure should be cleaned to most effectively remove all smoke particles. This comprehensive plan should include an expected timeline of the work to be done.

3) Deep Surface Cleaning

In order to properly remove all smoke smells from an area, all surfaces must be deep cleaned. Smoke smell remediation includes the cleaning of all hard and soft surfaces including walls, desktops, curtains, carpets, rugs and floors.

4) HVAC Cleaning

An essential part of smoke smell remediation includes the thorough cleaning of the entire HVAC system throughout the entire building. Smoke particles easily move throughout any building through the venting and ducting. If the HVAC system is not properly cleaned and flushed, the smell will remain. Professional smoke smell remediation companies use advanced equipment to completely remove all traces of smoke particles from within the HVAC system.

5) Repainting/Carpet Replacement

In some severe cases of smoke damage, deep cleaning will not remove all of the smoke particles and the smell will linger. In these cases, repainting the affected area may be necessary. Carpets, rugs and curtains may also need to be replaced in order to achieve a complete smoke smell remediation.

Hire the Professionals

Professional smoke smell remediation companies employ teams of extensively trained technicians to safely and effectively remove smoke smells from any building. They offer thorough and efficient services that can ensure that the structure is safe for work or living as soon as possible.

Smoke smell remediation companies have the advanced equipment required to thoroughly clean HVAC systems. They offer complete air duct cleaning services to ensure that all smoke particles are removed from the ventilation system. These companies should follow professional standards as outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

It can take quite some time for a community to recover from a devastating structural fire or forest fire. One step at a time, buildings will become restored and life will go back to normal. A reliable smoke smell remediation company can help any community get back on track as quickly and safely as possible.