Garage Door Replacement- Five Simple Things to Check

The garage door at your home is one of the prominent elements based on the garage’s orientation and size. Due to this, the door in the garage boosts the architecture of the house, or if the material is not good or the shape of the door is ugly, then it is better to replace with a new one — few simple things to look for garage door replacement in Edmonton that will give the house a new look.

• Materials of the Garage Door – the doors have changed drastically over the years. With the availability of innovative technologies, the garage doors are made of materials that can resist weather conditions and looks stylish thereby requiring little maintenance. These doors are made of aluminum, steel, wood and fiberglass composites. The construction and the main material of the door help in determining the durability as well as the need for maintenance to keep it in proper shape. We will discuss a little bit about the door types.

. Garage doors made of Steel – One can get these doors at any home improvement stores. It is a known fact that steel is available at a lower price; maintenance is easy, secure, and strong. Some garage door replacement in Edmonton has exterior surfaces decorated with wood-grain textures that provide a good finish and resembles a wooden look. Steel does not degrade, or there is any crack from various weather conditions, which generally occurs with wood. With baked finishes and using high-end technologies, the doors are protected from rust, and there is no need for painting.

. Various layers of steel doors – The steel doors having a single layer are made from a single sheet of galvanized steel. Little costly steel doors have dual layers comprising a layer of polystyrene foam or polyurethane for soundproofing, rigidity, and thermal insulation. Another type is the premium three-layered steel doors, which have foam insulation between the layers. 24-gauge steel doors are of the highest quality. Low-quality garage doors use thin 28-gauge steel, and one should keep in mind that the warranties for steel doors are given against rust protection but not due to fading.

. Doors made of Wood – These doors are very handsome and have a look that other garage doors try to copy. Sadly, wood is not resistant to changing climatic conditions, so the doors need to be painted after every three to four years. Most manufacturers provide a one-year warranty. Majority of the wooden doors are rolled-up doors, which can be built at a cheaper price from a plywood and wood framework. Customized doors are built from durable softwoods that include redwood, Douglas fir, etc or with hardwoods like mahogany or oak.

Garage Door

• Various Door Styles – One can view various manufacturers’ sites to get an idea of different garage doors ranging from contemporary, flush-panel, seek doors to matching pairs of vintage carriage –house doors with a crossbuck finish. All doors may have rectangular or arched windows, with a clear view situated at eye level or at an elevation where light is allowed to pass having no outside view. One should do proper homework for garage door replacement in Edmonton and find a suitable style that fits your home. Top garage door manufacturers products are easily available at local dealers or home improvement stores. While visiting a store, please take the existing door’s thickness, width and height measurements as the dealers happily provide you an idea what the new door will look like with the existing measurements.

• Price of the Doors – The price should justify one’s requirements. One can pay as lees as 350 dollars where one can install without taking help from an expert or thousands of dollars with premium quality doors that include whistles, closed-circuit camera, and also installation. A moderately priced door measuring 16 by 7 foot will cost 700 to 1500 dollars. For getting an accurate rate, one needs to ask for bids from different dealers. The price should also include replacing the old hardware and the door. While looking for automatic door opener, better order at the same time.