Five Reasons to Hire an Interior Decorator

Some folks may see the title for this article and immediately decide that it’s not for them: after all, an interior decorator in Los Angeles surely reserves their services solely for the rich and the elite. In the eyes of many, interior decorating, simply redesigning at any scale, is a lavish endeavor, and hiring someone to make design choices on your behalf only adds to the luxury. However, the real price of redesign can often stem from inexperience, indecision, and the consequent loss of time.

No budget? Time to Make One

Let’s just clear one thing up from the beginning: decoration goes beyond mere adornment, past the ostensible show of the current year’s aesthetics. Decoration, if one understands the word both historically and etymologically, means to make proper, to make one’s own. Understood to its full extent, then, decoration signals making what is currently in vogue as one’s own. Given that LA is a locus of extreme fashion flux, a good interior decorator in Los Angeles will be plugged in to all the latest goings on; they will be able to marry these trends to the idiosyncratic expression of a homeowner’s tastes. As a result, an interior decorator will aid in avoiding what can be pricey mistakes not only in aesthetic choices, but also in layout and furniture/material quality. Moreover, the savings that an interior decorator can confer extend as virtual savings in the resale value of your house.

For all that an interior decorator in Los Angeles may help you meet your budget goals, those goals mean little if, as a homeowner, you lack those goals in the first place. An interior decorator will aid in helping set out a budget in the first place by assessing what in the space can be repurposed. After all, an interior decorator is not someone who rebuilds the house; they are not a contractor or an architect. Their task is rather to draw out the inherent and most vital vibrancy of the space the property owner has already made their own. Often, just as the job of the interior decorator is to provide an unbiased set of eyes, so too is their job to apply such an expertise as they have cultivated from years of responsible leadership and participation within the industry.

Draw a Line, Stick to It

Also, with respect to the afore-mentioned contractors and architects: the interior decorator in Los Angeles that the homeowner selects for their job should be able to converse effectively and comfortably with the other participants on the worksite, if indeed there are any. A classic example of decor and design being out of step with construction is the placement of outlets. For example, if there is a prime location in your den for a sofa, cabinet, or TV set-up, but the contractor has been instructed by the architect to place outlets right behind the perfect spot for the couch and nowhere near where the TV set longs to be, then you’re out of luck. Another all-too-common example, especially in the balmy climate that LA county provides, is that of threshold spaces. By threshold spaces, the reader should understand, we mean any liminal area that transitions the occupant from inside to outside. A seasoned interior designer will be privy to just that: the seasons! Even though LA remains comfortably warm almost all year round, temperatures can tend to drop. If the architect and contractor have constructed a space that relies heavily on walk-through French doors, but has allowed for little transit space through the room, the interior decorator will understand the best way to help you navigate the room.

Know Your Way Around

Lastly, and perhaps a subtextual concern to all of the foregoing, is that an interior decorator in Los Angeles certainly could not have made the cut without having a full reserve of tried, tested, and trustworthy professional contacts. From electricians to upholsterers, to carpenters and plasterers, a decorator and designer by trade will know the ins and outs of all other trades that they have to work with, and they will know the people who work in them. This is just to say that, by working with an interior decorator, the homeowner is giving themselves access to dozens more trusted professionals. There is, after all, nothing worse than spending twice the time and money testing out tens of lousy contractors when you could’ve found the one the first time.