Essential Tips to Buy a Rustic Coffee Table?

When it comes to home décor, every person has his own interpretation of style and perfection. For a few people, everything has to be finished, polished and in place. And for a few others, a bit of imperfection, a bit of oddity and a pinch of chaos is what makes the perfect interior décor. No matter what the case, the ultimate objective is to give your interior a distinct identity of its own and filling it with relevant décor items. Rustic furniture have certainly a unique identity of their own and clearly stand out as interior décor items. Things that are rustic in their look and feel add a sense of warmth and coziness to the interiors of a home and resemble a cottage or a vintage home constructed out of solid wood.

Whether you have an entirely rustic themed house or just looking for an interior décor item that is rustic, the rules of buying rustic things don’t change. Let’s find out what goes into the making of rustic furniture and what things one should remember while buying a rustic coffee table.

1. Type of Wood

Selection of rustic furniture is all about the wood you select and the kind of finishing you go with. We shall discuss the type of finishes available in the subsequent tips and focus solely on the type of wood to choose in this tip. For a rustic coffee table, you can either go for a wood that is completely new or even go wood that is reclaimed from old homes or furniture. Reclaimed wood certainly has a rustic element imbibed into them and you have to hardly put any efforts in making it look rustic. However, ensure you know the source of the reclaimed wood and it is strong enough to serve you for a long time. If you think going with reclaimed wood is a bit risky, you can always go for new wood.

2. Type of New Wood

If you have decided to go with new wood for your rustic furniture, you have a wide variety of choices like northern white cedar, steam-bent hickory and red cedar. Northern white cedars are generally very strong and resistant to breakage or rotting. As soon as they are cut, the wood takes a light tan color which gradually turns grey. If you want something more than just strength, you can go for steam-bent hickory which is both strong and flexible in nature. Hickory that is steamed can be bent into any shape you want and once they harden, they retain their new shape. If you are looking something creative and unique and getting your rustic coffee table custom made, steam-bent hickory is an excellent choice. You can also consider red cedar if you want something that is extremely durable, indifferent to seasonal changes and resistant to moisture, moth and rot.

3. Finish

When it comes to finishing of rustic furniture like rustic coffee tables, people have different preferences. While some want the table to look perfectly finished and polished, only with a few lines or patterns, there are many who are fine with the natural dents, scars and tanned color of the wood. Reclaimed wood is normally ideal if you are one of those who like the imperfections on a wood and think they will go with your rustic theme. Americana, black, medium wax, red, turquoise and white are few of the most popular finishes right now. If you are concerned of the preservation of the wood and its quality, also get a coating done to ensure it keeps away any kind of rotting or rusting happening to the wood.

4. Size

Lastly, size of the rustic coffee table is something that you have to consider before buying one. If the room is already crowded with a lot of interior décor items and has very little space, it makes no sense to buy a large coffee table with multiple compartments. However, if the room has an elevated ceiling or already very spacious with other big rustic furniture like book shelves or a canopy bed, it is advised you go for a coffee table that is big and occupies a lot of space, provided with many compartments for storage.