Concrete Demolition and Removal: What You Need to Know

Have you noticed multiple cracks in your concrete driveway, sidewalk, slab, or patio? Has the concrete been pushed up due to frost, or has it settled from lack of proper preparation methods? Has it sunk under the weight of heavy objects? To some extent, it may be possible to repair and resurface the concrete, especially if there are only thin, hairline cracks, and the surface hasn’t become too uneven. However, if the problem is more deep-seated—for instance, if there are deep and wide cracks and the surface has started to resemble a hilly terrain—you may have to remove and replace the concrete.

Before getting started with concrete demolition Austin, homeowners need to know the following:

It is necessary to find the right concrete demolition company

It may seem obvious, but you need to hire a competent and reliable company for the demolition work. They should be familiar with local and state regulations regarding house demolition and have reasonable rates for their services. These should include demolition as well as debris removal and site cleanup. Before you hire them, get their cost estimate for the project in writing. Additionally, they should be accessible by phone and email and should be open to answering your queries and concerns.

The cost varies for concrete demolition and removal

It is dependent on your location, the amount of concrete you want to remove, the type of concrete, and how you want to dispose of the debris. You can probably get a lower removal fee if you hire a contractor in your area, and they don’t have to travel too far away for debris disposal. If they have to make several trips to the landfill or the recycling facility, the cost will go up. Most contractors will charge more for removing large-sized concrete areas, non-recyclable concrete, and reinforced concrete containing steel mesh or bars as that can be very difficult to remove.

There are different tools for concrete demolition and removal

Generally, concrete removal contractors use sled hammers, jackhammers, and Bobcats with hydraulic or pneumatic breakers to break up the concrete. They use pry bars and shovels to heave up the concrete sections. For the more delicate areas, such as concrete around lamp posts or electrical outlets, the contractors will use screwdrivers and chisels to pry away the concrete. When it comes to reinforced steel, it is necessary to cut the steel mesh and bars with an angle grinder, a reciprocating saw, or a cut-off wheel.

As there is a risk of flying concrete shrapnel and dust, the demolition crew will equip themselves with face masks and safety goggles. They will also wear earplugs to cancel out the demolition noise and hardy clothing and sturdy boots as protection against the dust. Further, they will use dumpsters and trailers to remove the demolished concrete and transport it away from your property.

Concrete demolition and removal requires specialized knowledge

If you are thinking of going the DIY route for concrete demolition, you may want to rethink things. Firstly, it is laborious, difficult, and time-consuming work. Secondly, it can be dangerous to deal with shrapnel and dust. Unless you are mentally and physically prepared to handle the project on your own, it is best to let the experts get on with things. With their long years of experience and their specialized demolition equipment, the concrete demolition crew will get the work done sooner and with more efficiency. You won’t have to worry about damaging your property or that of your neighbors.

It is possible to recycle and reuse concrete

You can dispose of the concrete debris by sending it to a landfill, but a better and more environmentally friendly option would be to dispatch it to a recycling facility. Here, the concrete chunks will undergo intense pulverization to form a recycled aggregate. This crushed aggregate is reusable in various construction projects, such as binding asphalt and paving roads. Recycling aggregate like this is less expensive than using new concrete.

Depending on the total area of concrete that they have to demolish and remove, the concrete demolition company may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete the work and clean up the site.