Complete Your Man Cave with Custom Bar Top

You may be a person with few friends, or someone who has many. You may hang out with them at cafeterias or bars outsides, or simply invite them home to your very own man cave. This spot at home is probably the favorite when it comes to de-stressing, relaxing, or unwinding after a tiring work day. It could also be the place that you catch up with your family and loved ones after a hectic work week. The bar in your house could be a miniature one with just sufficient space to stack your bottles and glass, and with small, dedicated area to mix drinks and serve them. Or you may own an elaborate one with separate plumbing, water inlets, and outlets, and have a dedicated area where you can display your bartending prowess while hosting a larger crowd, and enjoying a game of soccer or baseball on TV. Whatever the case, one thing that you cannot ignore in your man cave is the bar top. This space complements your storage area, and provides you the necessary worktop for making cocktails, mocktails etc., and serving them. While you have many options to pick a readymade one, custom bar tops are far better for many reasons. Here are a few.

• It is a reflection of your personality

The furniture and interior décor products in your home are a reflection of your personality. The same is the case with a bar top. One that is customized to your needs takes into account all your tastes and preferences than one that is ready made. As a result, they become great conversation starters during any party, and can also keep them going with your guests. A well-built one garners much attention, adoration, and adulation from whoever visits your man cave.

• Quality is no constraint

When you build a bar top from scratch you get to pick materials that you like, and which also work in your indoor setting. Unlike readymade ones, where you get to see just the final product, custom built countertops let you decide what kind of raw materials go into its making. You also get to control the quality of these materials that you pick, as well as the making process. The result – you are more confident about the final product, and know that it will last longer for sure.

• It fits your pocket

Budget is one big governing factor in the choice of bar tops. Many people also assume that custom-built bar tops cost more than ready made ones. However, this isn’t always true. You get to control many aspects that go into the making of a bar top, and hence can order for one that matches your budget. You are also able to make additions or deletions, whenever the price overshoots your expectations, and thus bring it to the budget that fits you.

• You get to see the product even before it is made

With ready to fit bar tops, you get to see just the final product. However, when customizing it, you are able to visualize it even before it is manufactured. Many vendors employ rendering software that helps you understand how a bar top would look at your bar. You can also experiment with different profiles, sizes, finishes, etc. in the soft file, and pick only the one that fits all your needs. This makes it easier for buyers who like to make choices based on visual factors as well.

• End to end services get covered

Many people shy away from customizing bar tops thinking that they would have to do a lot of running around to put things into place. However, many vendors today offer end to end solutions for their clients who order customized products with them. These professionals visit your home, take measurements, suggest designs, offer 3D renders, give you the choice of materials, quote prices, and then finalize the order. Once the manufacturing is complete, many of them even send you photos of the final product before shipping it out. They also install the countertop in your bar so that you do not have to waste time or effort searching for manpower.

Your man cave is a reflection of yourself, and you wouldn’t want anything but the best for this space of relaxation in your home. So, give it what it deserves with a customized bar top.