Beautify Your Home with Onion Lights and Fixtures

Onion lights have a long history of providing elegant lighting solutions and their use goes all the way back to the nineteenth century. They were broadly being used in England and in those times and even to date, their popularity and applications have spread far and wide everywhere throughout the world. Onion lights can be described as an onion shaped glass holder which encases the lighting knob and a metal shield that holds the unit together. Back then, oil lights were utilized for illumination and the light apparatuses accessible nowadays are all electric. Knobs of different sorts can be used relying upon the type of use and the budget; for outdoor lighting very bright lights like halogen and LED lights are installed.

Over the years, with enhanced glass blowing systems, came lighter and more slender spheres, which required protection from breakage. Therefore, an enclosure of dainty metal wires was built around it, to keep it from shattering. Later on, these lamps were fitted with circular handles on the top; so as to use them as a compact light source, and to be hung on the wall with a wooden peg or metal bracket.

Present Day Onion Lights

The onion lights that are used in present day houses are electric, with a mounting plate that serves the capacity of joining it to the wall. This plate regularly contains a hook to hold the first appearance of this vintage bit of lighting. The first lights contained edges and cages made of tin. Nonetheless, with the coming of cutting edge strategies, these installations use metals like brass, copper, aluminum, or steel or their alloy. While the body comes in various completions like painted and metal plated, the glass is accessible in clear, air bubble filled, rippled optic styled et cetera. The installation could contain a cage, relying upon the design and style.

Sorts of Onion Light Fixtures

While they speak to a class of lighting recognized by their shape and plan, onion lights are accessible as various sorts of apparatuses that can be utilized as a part of any room of your home. These lights are most prevalent as hanging installations – either single expansive chandeliers or compact pendant lights that embellish the living space rooftops. A similarly supported variation of onion lights is wall mounts. Be it next to lavatory mirrors, bedside or on the yard walls, these natural looking “lights” transmit a warm and inviting gleam on the insides and outsides of your home alike. Another preferred utilization of onion light is, as post mounts. The size and state of the light makes it an apt decision for ambient lighting for the outdoors of your home.


Why Choose Onion Lights?

Onion lights are the right choice as far as size, weight, appearance and sturdiness are concerned. As a result of their compact size, they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Likewise, as they weigh less, they can be effectively mounted and unmounted, without the assistance of an electrician or handymen. Besides, their looks include a touch of history and tradition to any range and give it a Victorian era touch.

Selecting Onion Style Lights for your Porch

Onion style lights can decorate your garden, gallery, passage or yard, all while enhancing the environment, feel and the general perceivability. In any case, mere determination of design is by all accounts not the only factor to be thought of while buying stylish Onion lights for your home. You ought to also remember to consider the following points before you think of shortlisting your light fittings:

  1. Lighting Layers

A properly lit up spot requests the right sort of lighting installations. You ought to check the requirement for different layers of lighting while purchasing your light fittings. There are three sorts of lighting prerequisites – ambient, which deals with general lighting needs; task, which offers brightening for particular assignments and accent, which is utilized for styling and enhancing purposes. For an amicable and perfect lighting balance, no less than two layers of enlightenment are essential.

  1. Type of Bulbs

You ought to pick an installation as indicated by the color temperature, required watts and lumens. You additionally need to settle on different sorts of lights accessible. They can be incandescent, CFL’s or LED’s.

  1. Mounting Style

You have to decide the area where you need to introduce your onion light, with the goal that you can choose the style of light you need to buy. These days, onion lights accompany three choices – hanging style, divider mounted and post mounted. Determine your necessities and pick the one that suits you the most.

Aside from the aforementioned, additionally do your exploration on valuing these fixtures both online and retail stores. It is highly recommended that you use Onion lights and add a touch of history to your homes and make it look all the more fascinating and welcoming!