Beautify Your Bathroom Interior with a Rustic Vanity

A bathroom is never complete without a vanity. This item of furniture is what gives you the much needed space to store you toiletries, cosmetics, and knick knacks. These vanities are also sometimes fitted with one or more sinks and mirrors, which help you with your routine every morning. Vanities comes in a wide array of sizes, and styles, but one of the most popular among them remains the rustic bathroom vanity. These objects aren’t just functional in nature, but have the ability to beautify your bathroom, and transform it into an aesthetically pleasing space.

How to choose a rustic vanity

Many factors need to be considered when choosing a rustic vanity for bathroom. Here are few important ones.

  • Size and placement – The size is the foremost consideration in selecting a vanity. The size of the article needs to be such that it neither looks overwhelming, nor is too small for the space that it is kept in. The number and age of the users also plays an important role in deciding which size suits best. Working couples find it best to have a double sink vanity as it helps them save time when rushing off to work in the morning. Vanities of smaller sizes work better if they are for use by children.
  • Height – Height is yet another determining factor in the selection of a vanity. This needs to be decided based on the end user, as well as on the space available. Children’s bathrooms benefit from low lying vanities and counter tops. Those of the regular height are ideal for master or guest bath, which are generally used by adults. The height of the vanity should also factor in the depth of the sink, and other plumbing work required.
  • Storage space – The primary function of a bathroom vanity is storage. Any rustic vanity that you choose needs to fit in all your toiletries, cosmetics, and so on, within your reach. In fact, when you invest in a brand new or remodeled rustic piece, it is better that you reserve at least 20% additional space for items that you may need in the future.
  • Materials – Bathrooms tend to be wet or humid most of the time, and hence a vanity cabinet placed inside this space needs to be made of a material that can withstand such conditions. Rustic vanities are mostly made of new or reclaimed wood, but to ensure their long life, it becomes important to preserve them with waterproof coatings or finishes. Counters of such furniture pieces may sometimes be fitted with a contrast top. This needs to be made from some material like soapstone or marble that is easy to clean and maintain. It should also complement the rustic look and feel of the vanity.

How to make your rustic vanity look interesting

There are many ways in which a simple wooden cabinet with countertop can be made to look more interesting. Here are some of them.

  • A vanity without a mirror may not be of much use except for storage. These reflective surfaces are also one of the finest canvasses to get creative with a rustic vanity. To make mirrors look more interesting, attach a wooden frame made from the same material as the cabinet. Use laminates or decorated paper for special effects.
  • Opt for unique and distinct hardware. These objects that may seem like knick knacks actually are capable of making or breaking the look of your rustic bathroom furniture. Use glass knobs to add a little sparkle to the drawers. Pick unique shapes like circles, squares etc. to add some drama.
  • Add some contrast on the countertop. Think a white colored rustic vanity with a marble countertop, or a vanity in distress finish paired with a soapstone counter. Little details such as these can bring in a lot of freshness and uniqueness to your bathroom interiors.

Caring for rustic vanities

When you invest in a rustic vanity of your choice, it is equally important that you spend time and money in maintaining it well. Keep the vanity free from moisture. Use waterproof finishes, and ventilate the bathroom well with an exhaust fan. Never let water or liquid spills remain on the counter top. Wipe them off with a soft, non-abrasive cloth as soon as they form. When cleaning rustic vanities, use agents that are made specifically for the type of material that it is made from. With regular cleaning and maintenance, these rustic vanities are sure to keep your bathroom looking nice and pristine for a very long time.