Bathroom Vanity Cabinets – Design and Style That Fits Your Personality

Vanities and cabinets aren’t necessarily the most glamorous part of the bathroom, but they have a key role to play in making it look good and functional. This piece of furniture has the ability to either make or break bathroom designs. When chosen right, it ups every element of the bath area, and when placed awkwardly, causes the entire space to suffer.

Types of bathroom vanity cabinets

There is a wide variety of bathroom vanity cabinets are available in the market. They differ from each in other based on various aspects such as style, shape, size and so on. These articles are either pre-built or customized to suit specific requirements.

The basic purpose of a vanity cabinet is storage. While most of them come with drawers of some form or the other, there are open vanities too that are available. Such kinds are generally used in homes built around rustic or minimalistic themes. Based on their design and end use, bathroom vanities may or may not have a sink attached to them. The models which have sinks, either come with one sink or two sinks, depending on the style, and the size of the bathroom that they are placed in. Another feature that sets one vanity apart from another is the theme. From rustic to vintage, transitional, and contemporary, there is a cabinet available for every kind of home. Rustic vanities usually are made from wood especially reclaimed wood, and come in natural brown or colorful variants. Contemporary vanities are more minimalistic and sober in nature. They often come with a contrasting counter top like marble or soapstone, which adds to their charm. Vanities also differ in their mounting styles. While some of them are free standing, some others are wall mounted, or meant for corner mounting.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets - Design and Style That Fits Your Personality

How to choose a vanity that suits your style

When choosing a vanity cabinet for your remodeled bathroom, you need to pay attention to a few details as follows:

  • Placement – The vanity should be placed in such a manner that it is easily accessible. It should not mess with the bathroom’s traffic flow or block the bathroom or shower doors. Easy maintenance and cleaning should be thought of. Adding a new vanity to your bathroom should not result in extensive change to plumbing, as this may add up to remodeling costs.
  • Materials – Since bathroom vanities are placed in areas that are humid or wet, it is important that they be made of material that can withstand water and moisture. When made of materials like wood, they need to be finished with water proof or water resistant material to ensure durability. The counter top material should also be easy to clean and maintain. The vanity material should also complement the bathroom interiors aesthetically.
  • Storage – The vanity needs to have enough storage space depending on the number of items that you need within reach. As a general rule, it is better to reserve 20% more space for toiletries and other items, when buying a new vanity.
  • Size – The size of the vanity should be in proportion with that of the bathroom. It should not hamper movement, access, or use. It should neither be too small nor too overwhelming in the space it occupies.
  • Height – The height of the vanity needs to be decided based on the end user, as well as the space available. Low lying vanities and counter tops are ideal for children’s bathroom, while those with regular heights are appropriate for master or guest baths. The height should also take into account the depth of the sink, and other plumbing work required.
  • Customization – While there are innumerable options of vanities readily available, it is also a good choice to opt for custom built ones, as they are not necessarily more expensive. Customization lets you get materials, designs, size, and other features, that are just perfect for your bathroom. They are also the best bet if you have a permanent home that you wouldn’t be selling a few years down the line. Sometimes revamping your whole bathroom is not needed;  addition of a rustic piece or a replacement of a new cabinet can make all the difference.

Bathroom vanity cabinets play a crucial role in home interiors. They speak volumes about the home dwellers’ style and personality. When chosen carefully, they enhance bath areas and transform them into awe inspiring spaces.