Amazing Floor Lamps by House of Troy

Floor lamps have been a popular stylish lighting accessory in American homes since the 1970s, but did you know the benefits of having these lamps other than aesthetics? Let’s take a look at the benefits of these useful fixtures, as well as some basic precautions to keep in mind when installing floor lamps. We also take readers through the wide range of House of Troy floor lamps.

Amazing Floor Lamps by House of Troy

Benefits of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are useful to have when you wish to light up large rooms. These rooms may have spots with dim lighting and installing a floor lamp there keeps the lighting scheme uniform. The additional light from floor lamps reduces eye strain and headaches from working in dim light. The floor lamps are also useful when there is not enough down lighting in the home. Floor lamps can be installed to provide an aesthetic contrast with furniture like sofas and chairs. If you have tall chairs like Chesterfield sofas, a floor lamp installed by its side complements the furniture. Floor lamps with adjustable lighting can be used to increase the light in the room when needed. A floor lamp with a warm light tone acts as a healthy contrast to white fluorescent light. Incandescent bulbs give off flicker free light compared to CFL bulbs. LEDs can also be used. Floor lamps offer a mix of task lighting and area lighting. The lamps with adjustable arms can be used to bring the lamp closer when reading or working. They are useful in home workshops and garages with workbenches.  Floor lamps can be used to light up specific niches of the room at times when the full lighting is not required. This helps in saving power and extending the life of the house lamps.

Precautions to take when Installing Floor Lamps

If you have young children in the house, buy a floor lamp with a sturdy base. This reduces the chance of the lamp toppling over when knocked about by children while playing. You can use bulbs of higher rating if you wish to boost the light output but using a very powerful lamp could damage the lamp’s internal wiring or overload your home’s electrical circuits. So always take professional advice when upgrading the floor lamp’s light sources. If you need lighting for work purposes, such as a drawing table, get adjustable floor lamps that can be swung around closer to the work point without having to move the lamp around. Pharmacy lights have switches built into the lamp head for easy access when working. If you are installing a floor lamp for aesthetic reasons you can keep them in the center of large rooms next to furniture or artwork for an aesthetic contrast. You can opt for a lamp with variable output if you do not wish to use the full power of the floor lamp or if you want to turn down the light at different times of the day.

Floor Lamps from House of Troy

Both fixed and adjustable floor lamp models are available. The fixed lamps come in single arm and tripod designs. Some of the popular models are Club Collection, Vergennes Collection and Slim Line LED. Newport Collection also has a fixed lamp with a built in glass table on the stand for keeping books and knick-knacks. This lamp is good for installation at bedsides and near sofas as a separate table is then not required. The Tripod Collection series by House of Troy is a big hit because of its thin legs that give the lamp a very minimalistic appearance. Slim Line LED series is suitable for lighting a wide area like a table or work bench with its long LED lamp. The adjustable floor models come in vertical adjustment and swing arm adjustable models. The swing arm allows users to carry out both height and angular adjustment. Pharmacy lamps with switches built into the lamp head are a popular category among the adjustable floor lamps.