Complete Your Man Cave with Custom Bar Top

You may be a person with few friends, or someone who has many. You may hang out with them at cafeterias or bars outsides, or simply invite them home to your very own man cave. This spot at home is probably the favorite when it comes to de-stressing, relaxing, or unwinding after a tiring work day. It could also be the place that you catch up with your family and loved ones after a hectic work week. The bar in your house could be a miniature one with just sufficient space to stack your bottles and glass, and with small, dedicated area to mix drinks and serve them. Or you may own an elaborate one with separate plumbing, water inlets, and outlets, and have a dedicated area where you can display your bartending prowess while hosting a larger crowd, and enjoying a game of soccer or baseball on TV. Whatever the case, one thing that you cannot ignore in your man cave is the bar top. This space complements your storage area, and provides you the necessary worktop for making cocktails, mocktails etc., and serving them. While you have many options to pick a readymade one, custom bar tops are far better for many reasons. Here are a few.

• It is a reflection of your personality

The furniture and interior décor products in your home are a reflection of your personality. The same is the case with a bar top. One that is customized to your needs takes into account all your tastes and preferences than one that is ready made. As a result, they become great conversation starters during any party, and can also keep them going with your guests. A well-built one garners much attention, adoration, and adulation from whoever visits your man cave.

• Quality is no constraint

When you build a bar top from scratch you get to pick materials that you like, and which also work in your indoor setting. Unlike readymade ones, where you get to see just the final product, custom built countertops let you decide what kind of raw materials go into its making. You also get to control the quality of these materials that you pick, as well as the making process. The result – you are more confident about the final product, and know that it will last longer for sure.

• It fits your pocket

Budget is one big governing factor in the choice of bar tops. Many people also assume that custom-built bar tops cost more than ready made ones. However, this isn’t always true. You get to control many aspects that go into the making of a bar top, and hence can order for one that matches your budget. You are also able to make additions or deletions, whenever the price overshoots your expectations, and thus bring it to the budget that fits you.

• You get to see the product even before it is made

With ready to fit bar tops, you get to see just the final product. However, when customizing it, you are able to visualize it even before it is manufactured. Many vendors employ rendering software that helps you understand how a bar top would look at your bar. You can also experiment with different profiles, sizes, finishes, etc. in the soft file, and pick only the one that fits all your needs. This makes it easier for buyers who like to make choices based on visual factors as well.

• End to end services get covered

Many people shy away from customizing bar tops thinking that they would have to do a lot of running around to put things into place. However, many vendors today offer end to end solutions for their clients who order customized products with them. These professionals visit your home, take measurements, suggest designs, offer 3D renders, give you the choice of materials, quote prices, and then finalize the order. Once the manufacturing is complete, many of them even send you photos of the final product before shipping it out. They also install the countertop in your bar so that you do not have to waste time or effort searching for manpower.

Your man cave is a reflection of yourself, and you wouldn’t want anything but the best for this space of relaxation in your home. So, give it what it deserves with a customized bar top.

LBL Lighting – Brighten Up Your Home

Mixing in well with your contemporary or conventional insides, the selective stylistic theme articles from LBL lighting have been immaculate made; adornments that range from obsolescent to Victorian to contemporary, the creatively motivated lighting accessories are a genuine joy to your dwelling places. Transmitting a tasteful claim, these arte collectibles are certain to beautify your home. A treat to your eyes, the stellar lighting accessories by LBL lighting, flawlessly light up the homes! Add a clue of tastefulness to your houses, with luxe lighting accessories online. Brag & boast about the lighting accessories etc., with an insight of gold, emphasized with a metallic complete that requests consideration. The chic stylistic lighting accessories, flawlessly tinted with a metallic completion makes a flawless balance of chic and cool, blending our astoundingly creative style manifestations with the insides, tones on the dividers, decorations et al to make your homes flawlessly classy. The different lights and accessories online put an amazing highlight on the beautifully done up, medium shine dark polish and hand-painted, antiquated figures and other themes. Finished with antiqued metal look at every end and shut with a fantastic oriental emblem, it is the ideal spot to look upon. The different lighting accessories available online at LBL Lighting are a must have!

LBL Lighting – Brighten Up Your Home

Flaunt your taste to the world!

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Love the home you have!

The glistening metallic, legendary emblazoned and many other light fittings from LBL lighting, shape a supreme sort of home décor and effect on the interiors. Available for online shopping, the genuinely hypnotizing gathering of lighting accessories that makes appeal much all the more enchanting, this flawless change of configuration & adequacy adds a replenished character to your living spaces; including a glitz remainder these convey an additional style to that extraordinary corner. These beautiful lighting accessories online, with decorated spread, gold thwarted fledglings, offer splendid advanced manner. The various styles, hues, shapes and the look and feel offered by various lighting accessories stores, offers you complete advantage to set up an amazing home décor theme. The beautifully designed and developed, lighting accessories and the fresh geometric design collection offered by LBL lighting are truly marvelous. Flawlessly measured and fine-tuned to perfection, the transitional lights have a sparkling and vibrant look around.

Important Features of Log Home Plans

Log cabin construction came to America in the 1700s when Swedish settlers brought building customs from their home country. Wherever timber was readily available, a log home could be built using simple tools. Earlier, log houses were inexpensive and sturdy. The frontier style log cabin was 10 feet wide by 12 feet to 20 feet long, had a glass window and included a loft area  for sleeping. Log home plans include everything from small cabins with rectangular footprints and simple gable roofs to elaborate cross-gabled structures with towering windows and vaulted ceilings. Log home plans have a porch, deck, or veranda. These plans are well suited for mountainous settings and are designed for sloping lots with walkout basement foundations featuring additional living room space for bedrooms.

The 34 log home plans have been the most popular over the years. These plans are standard plans and can be built exactly as per the plan, without any changes. Some of the key features of log home plans are:

  • Highly functional loft style layout
  • Spacious kitchen
  • Large windows allowing for scenic views on both levels
  • Bright feel created with light colored logs
  • Easy maintenance and sustainability
  • Energy efficient
  • Log homes can be fitted with state-of-art features like gourmet kitchens, hot tubs, luxury bed and bathrooms
  • Log homes work well as primary residence
  • Exterior walls are solid logs
  • Rustic appearance
  • Thermal mass offers high insulation

Selecting log home plans can be a time intensive task. Most people who are in the early phases of planning their log home project, spend lot of time in choosing pre-designed log home plans that is right for them. A better approach would be to decide upon how you would want to choose your log home, such as a quiet weekend retreat, a place frequently to entertain family and friends etc. Most log homebuyers prefer to customize the plans they initially select. Very few people actually purchase standard log home plans and build their homes as per the design. You can choose your customized home plans by using interface CAD technology.

Important Features of Log Home Plans

Before you begin the process of designing your home, take stock of what your present and future needs will be. Families with young children will have different needs than a couple building a retirement home. A second home or a vacation home has other necessities. The shape and profile of the logs you choose for your home will determine its overall look, style, feel, and character. Since the size of the home is an important cost factor, it should be one of the first things that you should decide upon. If you are trying to reduce the overall size, it is suggested that you keep the non-living areas as small as possible. These areas include bed rooms, bath rooms and garages.

Some of the design elements to be considered while designing log home plans are:

  • Kitchen size and functionality
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Fireplace location
  • Size of logs
  • Decks and porches

Window locations and overhangs.

Beautify Your Home with Onion Lights and Fixtures

Onion lights have a long history of providing elegant lighting solutions and their use goes all the way back to the nineteenth century. They were broadly being used in England and in those times and even to date, their popularity and applications have spread far and wide everywhere throughout the world. Onion lights can be described as an onion shaped glass holder which encases the lighting knob and a metal shield that holds the unit together. Back then, oil lights were utilized for illumination and the light apparatuses accessible nowadays are all electric. Knobs of different sorts can be used relying upon the type of use and the budget; for outdoor lighting very bright lights like halogen and LED lights are installed.

Over the years, with enhanced glass blowing systems, came lighter and more slender spheres, which required protection from breakage. Therefore, an enclosure of dainty metal wires was built around it, to keep it from shattering. Later on, these lamps were fitted with circular handles on the top; so as to use them as a compact light source, and to be hung on the wall with a wooden peg or metal bracket.

Present Day Onion Lights

The onion lights that are used in present day houses are electric, with a mounting plate that serves the capacity of joining it to the wall. This plate regularly contains a hook to hold the first appearance of this vintage bit of lighting. The first lights contained edges and cages made of tin. Nonetheless, with the coming of cutting edge strategies, these installations use metals like brass, copper, aluminum, or steel or their alloy. While the body comes in various completions like painted and metal plated, the glass is accessible in clear, air bubble filled, rippled optic styled et cetera. The installation could contain a cage, relying upon the design and style.

Sorts of Onion Light Fixtures

While they speak to a class of lighting recognized by their shape and plan, onion lights are accessible as various sorts of apparatuses that can be utilized as a part of any room of your home. These lights are most prevalent as hanging installations – either single expansive chandeliers or compact pendant lights that embellish the living space rooftops. A similarly supported variation of onion lights is wall mounts. Be it next to lavatory mirrors, bedside or on the yard walls, these natural looking “lights” transmit a warm and inviting gleam on the insides and outsides of your home alike. Another preferred utilization of onion light is, as post mounts. The size and state of the light makes it an apt decision for ambient lighting for the outdoors of your home.


Why Choose Onion Lights?

Onion lights are the right choice as far as size, weight, appearance and sturdiness are concerned. As a result of their compact size, they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Likewise, as they weigh less, they can be effectively mounted and unmounted, without the assistance of an electrician or handymen. Besides, their looks include a touch of history and tradition to any range and give it a Victorian era touch.

Selecting Onion Style Lights for your Porch

Onion style lights can decorate your garden, gallery, passage or yard, all while enhancing the environment, feel and the general perceivability. In any case, mere determination of design is by all accounts not the only factor to be thought of while buying stylish Onion lights for your home. You ought to also remember to consider the following points before you think of shortlisting your light fittings:

  1. Lighting Layers

A properly lit up spot requests the right sort of lighting installations. You ought to check the requirement for different layers of lighting while purchasing your light fittings. There are three sorts of lighting prerequisites – ambient, which deals with general lighting needs; task, which offers brightening for particular assignments and accent, which is utilized for styling and enhancing purposes. For an amicable and perfect lighting balance, no less than two layers of enlightenment are essential.

  1. Type of Bulbs

You ought to pick an installation as indicated by the color temperature, required watts and lumens. You additionally need to settle on different sorts of lights accessible. They can be incandescent, CFL’s or LED’s.

  1. Mounting Style

You have to decide the area where you need to introduce your onion light, with the goal that you can choose the style of light you need to buy. These days, onion lights accompany three choices – hanging style, divider mounted and post mounted. Determine your necessities and pick the one that suits you the most.

Aside from the aforementioned, additionally do your exploration on valuing these fixtures both online and retail stores. It is highly recommended that you use Onion lights and add a touch of history to your homes and make it look all the more fascinating and welcoming!

Small House Plans: The Different Types and What to Keep in Mind

Apartments are all the rage for so many. Living in the city, being immersed in urban culture and working high-rises would seem like heaven to those who do.

But, there are so many of us who would love to live in a cozy little home, away from the city. Take note, ‘away from the city’ does not refer to living out in the sticks or in the middle of nowhere- though it is a possibility. It could mean that some people prefer to live in the outskirts of a city or in big urban town, taking advantage of both a slightly countrified setting and urban conveniences.

For those few, their perfect could be a small house, built according to pre-drawn small house plans. For those just beginning to make their way into a settled life, their small perfect home may be just a few months away from being realized.

Small House Plans The Different Types and What to Keep in Mind

Small house plans are of many different varieties. They can be of the usual A-Frame style or be the slightly more unusual chalet bungalow style. They generally are single-storied or double, with a functional desing.

Here is a little list of simple small house plans, with a couple unique ones thrown in:

The A-Frame: this is probably one of the most popular types of house plans selling in the market. It is called so because of its characteristic sloping roof, seeming to form the letter ‘A.’ The roof could either begin at the foundation and then meet at the top, or it could simply be a small part of the roof sloping to meet half-way down or so. The length can be decided upon by you.

Colonial Style: This could include the French colonial style, Spanish or even German. They were brought to America back when it was colonized and the small house plan reflects its European ancestry. Often accompanied by slated roofs and porches, this can be easily applied in small house plans for a quaint look.

Original Bungalow Style: Though the word ‘bungalow’ is now associated with mansion-style house plans, these were originally small, often single-storied houses in India. Typically, bungalow house plans are large cottages with sloping roofs and dormer windows. In the US, you can find house plans for a California bungalow, a craftsman one or even a Chicago bungalow, among others.

Minka: For those whose tastes run towards Asian, the Minka is just perfect. It is Japanese in origin and was once made using any and all available materials. These houses are now considered to be heritage houses in Japan. They have the usual sliding doors and the tatami mats. If you are looking for a small house plan, this would be great.

Looking for small house plans can be quite taxing. But, since it’s an investment that is meant to last you a life time and beyond, put in the necessary time to find a really good one. Make sure that the house plan that you pick and your piece of land fit each other. Some small house plans are created for completely flat and even ground. Your plot may not be so, and your house plan may need the necessary changes to be made.

Oftentimes, along with the old fashioned 2D plans, you can even see 3D versions of your small house plans. These allow you to view a computer simulated version of your plan from the inside out.